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Deals with cryptocurrency: recommendations.

Dear users of the marketplace cryptobarter recommend familiarize yourself with the basic rules of transactions using the cryptocurrency.


Core values:

  1. All cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and enforceable. If you send the cryptocurrency, it is 100% will reach the recipient and you will not be able to return it.
  2. Сryptocurrency rate is highly volatile and can fluctuate 50-100% in a day. So, use for calculations money with less transaction time.
  3. Keep your anonymity and in no circumstances do not send keys and phrases recovery from Your wallet to other users.



  1. Any transaction with cryptocurrency is barter. Therefore, in the transaction You should commit to writing what’s between the buyer and seller are exchanged.
    • If the transaction happens locally, and you have the opportunity to engage a lawyer, do it. Especially if at stake is the high cost of the transaction.
    • If a virtual transaction takes place (for example, the provision of IT services or remote work), then make payment only after execution of works.
  2. If You have no opportunity to involve the lawyer in the transaction, then make a notarized letter about the exchange between You and the Seller/Buyer, indicating your full contact data and objects of exchange, including the full name (ID) wallet where You can transfer funds. Do not use for exchange an anonymous cryptocurrencies.
  3. If possible, use the services of the guarantors of the transaction. Cryptobarter provides your guarantor as escrow. This service protects both parties from fraud. Cryptocurrency transferred to the account Cryptobarter, and after completion of the transaction is transferred to the Seller or returned to Buyer if the transaction did not take place.
  4. Pay attention to the reviews of the seller, but don’t pay much attention to the UserPic and the Name of the Seller, as they can be used to maintain anonymity in the network.

 Success in Purchases and Sales!

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