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Small concert grand piano Steinway & Sons C-227 Hamburg


  • Small concert grand piano Steinway & Sons C-227 Hamburg


Price : 4BTC(Negotiable)
Type : Sell
Date : January 14, 2018
Condition : Used
Warranty : Without Escrow
Location : Minsk, Belarus

For connoisseurs and understanding people, we offer a rare, elegant and thoroughbred tool from the world’s best pianist and pianist Steinway & Sons. Color light walnut with silky matt coating, extraordinary beauty inlay.

Rare in its saturation and depth, the sound is not what the Petrof grand pianos and other modern instruments have with “glass” sound.

Excellent mechanics with a huge game resource. Stroi keeps great.

The length of the instrument is 227 cm (small concert). Model C-227.

Produced in Hamburg – experts know that the German Steinway is much better than the American.

A time-honored instrument has great superiority over the new, it is like an old aged wine.

The tree from which the deck is made with the age has unique resonance properties. The deck is without cracks.

Tool after professional restoration. You are essentially acquiring a state-of-the-art tool with high characteristics that you will never find on modern tools.

Tactically designed for a professional. It is also recommended for conservatory students and concert pianists, as well as for connoisseurs of excellent sound and a manufacturer of premium quality instruments.

The tools of the company “Steinway & Sons” are known for their unsurpassed sound, sensitivity, elegance and splendor. The piano consists of 12,000 parts, many of which are made by hand from unique materials – for example, from special varieties of California spruce, which have been dried for many years. In total, the production of the piano takes three years.

Henry Steinway set himself the task of creating a piano with perfect sound. He conducted research on the sound properties of various wood species, experimented endlessly. He founded the company “Steinway and Sons” in New York in 1853. The pride of “Steinway & Sons” has become and still is the model of a small and large concert grand piano.

In 1875, a patent was obtained for a modern form of a concert grand piano. The entire grand piano design is patented and includes 129 patents, which are called “The Famous Steinway System.” Its unique body is similar in design to the body of the violin, so the power of the Steinway is unrivaled and the range of sound is from three pianos to three fortes.

The name of S. V. Rachmaninov is closely connected with the firm “Steinway & Sons”. He was a fan of Steinway. Choosing this firm in the first month of his stay in the US, the composer remained true to her all his life, was friends with one of the “sons” – Fred Steinway. One of its tools, Steinway & Sons gave to S. V. Rachmaninov, who considered this instrument “magnificent.” Rachmaninov wrote: “I so wanted to immediately send a telegram to the house of Steinway in New York and express my delight and deep gratitude for the gift, better than that and you can not think of.”

The famous owners of the pianos Steinway & Sons were Franz Liszt, Sergei Rachmaninov, Ignaz Paderevsky, George Gershwin, Vladimir Horowitz, Arthur Rubinstein, Glenn Gould, Van Cliburn and many others.

The tool is fully configured and no additional attachments are required.

I will help with the transportation issue.

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